Inflammation and Weight Loss: A Little Known Truth

crowd-people-300x271Inflammation is our body’s natural defense system to keep our bodies healthy. When you have an inflammation, it is generally assumed your immune system is helping you heal from an injury or fighting harmful bacteria. But when the immune system is too active, it can make us sick.

Poor habits like eating an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and a stressful lifestyle all contribute to chronic inflammation. These habits turn the immune system “on” and keep it activated for a long period of time. Over time, chronic inflammation has been proven to cause heart disease and certain types of diabetes.

A study from the UK published in 2008 shows that chronic inflammation is linked to weight gain. Researchers followed people over nine years and monitored their weight gain and chemicals in the blood stream that show up when the immune system is activated. They found that weight increases were associated with more inflammation, and the relationship was linear.

Fat cells can create chemical signals that cause chronic inflammation; these these chemical signals are generally produced when you eat too many calories and sugar. As we gain weight, some fat cells over-expand and add to the inflammation already present in our bodies. Losing weight allows the fat cells to shrink back to a more normal size and turns off the signals that trigger chronic inflammation.


Ways to Curb Chronic Inflammation

Insulin resistance and leptin resistance increase acute inflammation in the body, making it even more difficult to keep weight off.

Leptin is a master signaling hormone that your body produces to tell your brain when the body has had enough food to eat.

The best way to help curb chronic inflammation is by:

  • Eating low-carbohydrate, high protein foods
  • Getting plenty of exercise
  • Controlling stress
  • Getting more restorative sleep
  • Restoring insulin and leptin levels back into balance.

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