The Failures of the Modern Diet – Our Food is Making Us Fat

overweightImagine life as it must have been for our ancestors thousands of years ago. They lived in nomadic tribes and traveled after packs of animals in order for them to have a ready food supply. They also foraged for whatever vegetation they could find to supplement their sporadic meat supply. Because of this “feast or famine” lifestyle, our ancestors’ bodies were designed to store as much fat and calories as they could hold to keep them functioning optimally during the lean times, while their metabolism would slow down as well.

Of course, today we live in a world where we are surrounded by a constant food supply; we are not out hunting or foraging for our sustenance. Yet our bodies have not evolved to reflect our current state of overabundance.

Why Are We Fatter Now than Ever Before?

We live in a world of indulgence, of super-sized portions, fast food drive-up windows and convenience stores on every corner, allowing us to immediately gratify our cravings 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

We also live in the most automated time in history. We drive everywhere we go; we use machines to do the most basic of tasks, such as washing dishes or drying clothes. In other words, we are the most sedentary population in the history of mankind.

But it is not just our lifestyle that is making us fatter. The foods that we eat, and the way they interact within our bodies, is the true culprit. Overly processed foods made with refined flour and sugar is causing our bodies to develop insulin resistance. We are making it more and more difficult for our bodies to process the sugars from these foods into energy, so instead they are being stored as fat.

The Diet Soda Myth

A perfect example of our problem with food is the over-consumption of diet soda. Many people have switched from drinking sugary soda to diet soda, thinking that the zero calories will help them lose weight. What researchers are finding, however, is that diet soda is making us fatter than we were before their development. How is this possible?

The reason behind this phenomenon is the artificial sweeteners. Our bodies react to these sweeteners as though they were real sugar. This causes our insulin to go into overdrive to store this massive influx of “sugar” consumption and then turns into fat.

Diet soda consumption has been a driving force in the growing concern of insulin resistance and its role in the obesity epidemic. But it is not just diet soda that we need to avoid.

So called “healthy” foods such as whole grain foods are not any better. This genetically altered wheat – known by researchers as Frankenwheat – causes a similar spike in our insulin levels. This wheat also contains a super addictive “super drug” that makes us continue to crave carbohydrates after we have consumed them, causing us to eat more and thus gain more weight.

Why Most Diets Don’t Work

We spend more money on diet products today than ever before. In fact, in 2012 the diet industry received more than $60 billion of our hard-earned cash in our never-ending quest to become slimmer. Sadly, most of these products are nothing more than snake oil, ineffective ingredients in pretty – and expensive – packaging.

You might take a diet pill and lose a few pounds, but what typically happens is that as soon as you stop taking the medication you immediately gain the weight back, probably with a few extra pounds as well. This leads you to try a different product, with the same results. This is known as “yo-yo dieting”, where your weight fluctuates up and down, like a yo-yo.

  • Dieter begins weight loss program
  • Dieter loses weight
  • Dieter “celebrates” weight loss by eating previously “forbidden” foods
  • Body senses impending “starvation” and begins to accumulate fat for energy
  • Dieter gains weight
  • Dieter begins weight loss program
  • The cycle continues

The danger of yo-yo dieting is that people are not only losing fat while they are dieting; they are losing lean muscle mass which burns calories more effectively and more efficiently than fat tissue. Basically, you will burn fewer calories when your body is at rest and then, when you overeat, your body will store even more fat because it is preparing for the next period of “starvation”.

This back and forth makes it more and more difficult for your metabolism to stay on an even keel and you are creating urgency in your body’s survival mechanism, causing it to hold on to the very fat you are trying to shed.

So, what is the Answer?

Insulin resistance and leptin resistance increase acute inflammation in the body, making it even more difficult to keep weight off.

What is leptin? It is a master signaling hormone that your body produces to tell your brain when the body has had enough food to eat.

The only way to truly lose – and manage – excess weight is by:

  • Eating low-carbohydrate, high protein foods
  • Getting plenty of exercise
  • Controlling stress
  • Getting more restorative sleep
  • Restoring insulin and leptin levels back into balance.

RaLeptin Pro is a supplement produced by nutraceutical firm Ra Botanicals. It is specially formulated to allow your leptin and insulin levels to return to their original, balanced state.

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